Day of Boys

Saturday we got to sleep in just a little bit before TJ woke up and was ready to eat. He ate his cereal and we made Cinnamon biscuits and eggs for breakfast. We had to do some running around before I went to a baby shower at 4 and Tim went to a party at 5. We went over by my parents house to go to Family Dollar, the Dry Cleaners, my parents house to get a blanket, and then to Wal-Mart. We went to Wal-Mart to see if we could find a Cowboys shirt for TJ. He actually only has a Cowboys blanket, no shirts. We found nothing at Wal-Mart so we went up to the mall area to go to Academy to see if we could find something there. They had some 2T and up sizes, but nothing for babies. So we headed over to the mall to see if we could find anything there. Nothing!!! We did see the rescued dogs that were being adopted out. SOO cute!!

We finally got a shirt at the Cowboys pro shop. We got a 2T shirt. Its a little big but we didn't want to spend 40 dollars on a jersey one that wouldn't fit him next year. At least with the T-Shirt there is a chance that it will fit him next year and if it doesn't, then we didn't pay 40 dollars.

here my pictures from the day:

TJ in his new shirt!! Little big but I can guarantee that he will grow into it

My Guys!

I went to the shower and then Tim went to the party. It was Nick's birthday on weds so they had a party for him. I met him there after the shower was over.

We of course watched some Olympics off and on during the day, which is so exciting. Last night was the first game of the pre season game for the Cowboys. When it started TJ was already asleep but it was very important that he wear his new shirt.
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