Poor Baby =(

Well since TJ couldn't get his shots when he had his 4 month appointment we went back yesterday to see Rhonda...the nurse, so she could give him the shots. She loves TJ she always wants to love on him before she gives them and always asks if she can hold him for a sec afterwards so he knows that she is nice and not the mean ol nurse that hurts him.
He did very well with them. He cried right when he got them but when she was switching to the other side he laughed before she started. He was fine as soon as we pull away from him. I guess people always told me how horrible it was I was expecting it to be worst then it was. I'm telling you that I don't like seeing him cry but its only for a sec, I know he is just scared, and as soon as she is done that he'll be fine.
That's all about TJ's day that I had to say. We watched my friends little girl last night. She is so cute and quite. We just had toys and books out. Tim read to her and TJ a couple of books. It was really cute, all three of them were cuddle up on the couch looking at the book. Sorry I didn't get a picture.

Have a wonderful weekend. 08.08.08. Significant day being that the year of 2008 is the year of new beginnings. Wonder what all will happen today! oh wait the Olympics!! Go Team USA!
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