Mexican Fiesta

I guess on Sunday we had decided at lunch that we were going to have family night at our house. We had The Weigands, Marie, Terry and Lizzie, My parents with Amy, the Wirths, and us. Everyone offered to bring something so one family wouldn’t be responsible for the whole meal. We did have the open ceremony on our DVR from Friday night 8/8/08. Since Tim set up to record every Olympic event that was on TV after the 2nd day everything was starting to get bumped off due to not enough space. So instead we were just going to hang out.
We had chicken and cheese enchiladas, beans, rice, awesome cheesecake dessert, and tons of chips with all kinds of dips. We just spent the evening hanging out, talking and watching the Olympics. TJ did pretty good he was getting really tired around 8 and wouldn’t really have anyone else hold him besides Tim for a little bit and then me.

That’s about it. I’ve been really busy at work and my brain doesn’t really want to work anymore. Presbytery was great and we got a lot of great words. I’ll have to talk about that later, again due to my brain not working well right now.

Talk to ya later.
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