Worst Day Ever

Okay. Let me tell you how yesterday was so horrible.

I have been trying to be a friend to someone here at work. Its going well but sometimes it is exhausting just making sure that I’m who I need to be and that God can shine through me. I guess I got to a breaking point yesterday where I just didn’t want to think of it anymore. I was tired of being on call of what I’m saying or doing. I don’t want to be thought as the goody to shoes or not Christian at all. I don’t want people to think that they can’t talk to me but I don’t want to be part of the gossip or encourage the bad habits. It’s hard to find that middle ground.

I have this one customer that is huge but they decide to slam me with 35 orders at the end of last week and then continue with the orders this week. I’m still working on them but then also trying to get my other orders entered.

Then at lunch I’m eating by myself this is a normal thing but I kind of didn’t want to just sit there with my thoughts right when I started eating my ribs part of the meat fell off and hit my shirt and then bounced around in my lap….Mind you this piece of meat is covered in BBQ sauce that is now all over me.

Then when Tim leaves he is taking out a problem that he is having on me. Okay this is at about 2:30 in the afternoon.

My manger told me that at the Arlington Convention Center that they were having a Divine Cosign. So I’m thinking I need to get a pack in play because TJ doesn’t fit very well in the bassinet he is using at my parents house. So I decide to go up there and see what I can find. I get there at 4:45 (it closes at 5) I run in there go straight to the furniture area and see what I can find. I say this pack n play that is really nice but its $50.00. The 50% off sale starts at 6. So I decide to go look at some of the other stuff and see if I can find anything. I find this one thing to buy. I am walking up to the front and this lady yells at me that they are closed and I just tell her oh I’m sorry I was on the phone and I didn’t realize the time. Thinking:
“Lady not today….oh today is not the day to yell at me”
As soon as I get up to the front to check out it starts pouring outside. I get to the back door and look out and I can see my car not too far away. I decide to just go for it. I make it all the way along the building without getting to wet. As soon as I get to the end of the building. I step into ankle deep water. Dang that’s my luck. So I keep walking now about half way to my car. I get to right where the parking lot begins and I step off into the lot and the water should be ankle deep but since it was rushing so fast the water hit my legs and went all the way up to mid thigh. Okay now I just break down and cry….Now I learned Mike’s rule never say “what else could happen today?” Oh the water was brown.

That’s the bad part of the day. Once I got home and out of my car that is not stinking of me. I went and got cleaned up got TJ ready and loaded and We went back up there to see if that pack n play was still there. We pay the $25 and load it up and go to Family Night. The day was finally better. I started telling them of my horrible day and when they started laughing on how bad it was I got to laugh. It’s over now and I’m having a decent new day at work today.

To end this blog well here is TJ after dinner with Tim’s Dr. Pepper Can:

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