Am I Being Followed?

Okay. Some of you may already know this story but here it is:
Friday Night Tim went out with Nick to a baseball game and my friend from work Janelle went out to eat and then shopping. I got back to the house with Janelle about 9:30 and got TJ fed and off to bed. We were just hanging out till about a little bit after 10 and Tim got home. We were just hanging out till about 11 and Janelle decided to go home. We walked her out and Tim moved his truck back into the driveway after she pulled out. We came back in got a snack watched a little TV and then went to sleep. Nice peacefully night, well at least inside it was. TJ woke up at 7:15 I went and got him changes his diaper and fed him. He was back in bed at 7:30 and I was crawling back in bed once my head hit the pillow the doorbell rang which was followed by Gracee going crazy. I got up and went to see who it was. I could kind of see through the blinds that it was our neighbor after wrestling with Gracee, the door and the alarm. He finally got to ask for Tim. On a side note I saw Pat the night before packing a U-Haul for his daughter who was going back to college. We even talked about when he was going to be leaving. Now I thought he needed some help loading something. I went and got Tim. The first thing that Pat said was I think I’m going to be the bearer of bad news. That caught my attention and when we got to our driveway…this is what we saw:

Saturday we spent the day trying to get a police report filed, insurance claim filed, and getting a rental car. Once they called us back at 1 to submit the claim (we called them at 7:45 am) they set up the rental car at only one place that was open after 12. We got the okay to pick the car up at 2:30. We drove over there and the rental place was not there. We were talking to someone at state farm for about an hour and she passes us off to someone else without even letting us know or the lady who picked up the phone. Tim was on hold for about an hour and half. Tim finally got a car from the DFW Enterprise at about 6:30.
The person who was assigned to our claim doesn’t work on the weekends so we won’t know anything at least until today. And This morning I found out that one of our neighbors came home at 1 and Tim’s truck was already on the blocks. So the looser (s) did this between 11 and 1. We are thinking he followed Tim home. Possibly from the baseball game.
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