This Weekend and TJ is 4 Months Old

This weekend we didn't do much. Friday we went out to Chilis for dinner with Nick and Kelly and then went back to their house to watch Jumper. It was a pretty good movie, they did leave it wide open for a sequel. TJ just wanted to play the whole time.

Saturday we got lots and lots of laundry done. We got a bunch of things done around the house. Its kinda nice being at home then TJ gets to just enjoy playing and gets on a good schedule for the weekend. Its so funny he knows exactly what to do on the weekend when he is with us. Monday comes around and he has a different scheduel with my mom. He's so smart he knows what he is suppose to do when he is with a certain person. Then when he is with a new person he trys to play them and see what he can get away with.
Sunday we went to church. A squirell committed suicide on the power lines in my parents back yard which meant that we lost power at church and at my parents house. Power came back on at around 9 so the church was cooled back down by the time church started. TJ took a nap during worship and woke up during announcements and wanted to talk the whole time. Here he is talking to me.

Last night TJ saw his first football game...well he saw the kick off and wasn't too interested after that. I finally decided to water my yards so at about 8:30 we went out to watch the water and our neighbor was outside watering his grass so we chatted with him and his daughter for a while. We got TJ in bed watched the rest of the game, a few mins of the game and then went to sleep.
Okay now its time for the update on TJ. It seems this month that TJ has done so much. He can sit up on his own. He still falls over after a while but he is getting a lot better. He has discovered his feet. The other afternoon Tim went to get him from his nap. (he could here him talking in there) when he went in there TJ had rolled over on his back and had his foot, sock and all in his mouth. He has started to move around the floor. He doesn't really realize that he is the one moving him but its cute when he looks up and realizes that we are further or closer to him. He just grins real big and keeps scooting. Sat morning he kept waking him self up because he would scoot and roll and would wake him self up and get confused on where he was. TJ also says Momma. Its only when he cries but it he is definately calling me Momma. He doesn't do it when he is with my mom or when he is with Tim. I love it!!
There is your update on our weekend and our little guy.
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