We Have a Turtle!

Yesterday TJ got a word from Dr. Nigel Bigpond. He is a Native American who came to minister at our church. He said that TJ was like a turtle. God would always be protecting him and he would always have his covering over him. TJ would know when to come out and when to stay under the protection. TJ would not be limited to God's works with his age. He already knows things and sees things. People would think that he doesn't know but HE DOES! He spoke that TJ senses would be open and sensitive to the Spirit. He also spoke that TJ was not apart of me anymore that he was born and was born into what God has for him. I'm writing what I remember. I'll try to post the actual word when it is given to me so you can read the exact word. Dr. Bigpond also gave him a hand made turtle necklace that was mad by his tribe.
okay I know this was all random but I wanted to share how he is a turtle. The thing that made it all funny is that we always say he is a turtle. When he sleeps he pulls his arms and legs in under his body. When he starts waking up he will stretch and realize its cold and then pull back in again. He does this over and over again until he finally wakes up.
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