I Miss My Hubby

Tim is going to be away from home till Wednesday night.

He is getting more responsibilities at work and part of the new job he’ll need training on. He is over on the other side of the DFW airport at the Marriot. The training started this morning and will go to Wednesday Night. I stayed with him last night but it wouldn’t been very finically smart for me to drive there, to my parents to drop TJ off then to work. We also have Gracee in the mix, she stayed with my parents last night just so I could have another night with Tim. It was nice staying away from home for a night.

Even though Tim won’t be there for the next few nights it will be great sleeping in my own bed again. I like my bed with my flat pillows. I know exactly how to arrange my pillows to be the most comfortable and when I stay in a hotel with fancy pillows it takes me a bit to get settled and finally to sleep.

Well that’s about it I just wanted to share how I miss him and how I’ll miss him.

Love you baby, we’ll miss you!!!
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