First Haircut

It came the time to cut TJ’s hair. He was getting a mullet. Anytime he touched his hair or we would dress him the back got all matted and yucky. We were over at my parents house and she had the clippers out. We had him in my mom’s lap and trimmed off some on the back and then a little on top.  He did ok. He mainly wanted to see what was making all the noise. You can see in the pictures he has crackers in his hands. We did that so he wouldn’t try to grab the clippers. He did so well and its another one of those steps in his life that we must do. I've heard people tell me oh don't cut his hair it will never be the same again. It must be done and I must accept that he is growing up. BUT no matter what he is still my baby boy!
Oh and I did get a little bit of the trimmings to save for his baby book.
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