TJ is 11 Months Old

The little man is now 11 months old. Just one short month until her turns 1 year old.

This been a fabulous month. He has about 6 teeth and looks like 2 more teeth with me coming through on the top soon. He is eating more regular food and less baby food now. Now that he has all those teeth he doesn’t have a problem chewing. He tends to get more in his mouth then needs but we are teaching him. Over the past few months we have been trying different sippy cups so we can get him off the bottle. It hasn’t been working the greatest due to the fact that we haven’t found one that he can do well. Well while we were in Arkansas last weekend. TJ crawled over to the coffee table and picked up her sippy cup with milk in it and put it to his mouth. We went and got some of kind and what do ya know he used it and now he doesn’t get bottles anymore just the sippy cup.

Here he is using his sippy cup with his favorite food, crackers:

He is getting better at walking with his walker toy. He really has no interest in daring out to walk without it. He does move along the furniture pretty well. He has gotten to where he wants to discover things on his own but would still rather be with us.

We’ve been busy planning his birthday party and are excited with all that he is learning and doing. I am teaching him a bit of sign language. “more” tends to look like clapping. Oh well he’ll get it.

Here are some recent pictures:
eating his first sandwich
playing with his new airplane
playing at G-Paw and Sweeties
on worship team with Daddy
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