Happy Birthday Daddy!

I meant to post this on his birthday, but that didn’t work out because of the busy weekend we had.

My dad. What can I say about my dad? Well there is so much to say about my dad. I respect him so much. He is a great dad, pastor, Papa, husband, son, brother, and a great all around person. He has always tried his hardest to make our home fun with jokes and laughter. He has always taken our teasing with honor. He has always been a great mediator between family members. It has been such a honor to call him my dad. I have watched him as I have grown and seen how he has grown as a Christian and a pastor. I watch him now and am amazed to see who he has grown to be, who is friends are, and where left he is still going to go.

He absolutely adores TJ! He is great with him, he respects the rules of his parents but then still spoils him so Papa is the good guy. HEHE. He gets to watch him on Wednesdays and I can see how much they are fond of each other.

Here is a little story for you. When I had TJ, my dad was a complete mess. He came right up to the hospital. He hung around and was trying his best to get phone calls in between my contractions. It never worked and he was always talking after my contraction would start back up. Yep he got yelled at every time. Then about half way thru labor he realized he ran out of the house without the camera. So he runs out of there and right when he pulls out the parking lot he gets a call that I’m at a 7 and he needs to hurry. He made it back in plenty of time and with the camera. When TJ was down in the NICU and people were getting rotated in and out, he stayed with me. This was a such a blessing to me because then I wasn’t alone, Tim could focus on TJ, and I had someone to moan to when I would wake up and felt pain. We were both laying there dozing in and out of sleep and when I would wake up and say “Daddy, this hurts” he would just say. “It will get better the pain will go away” I know he was praying for me and doing anything possible to make me more comfortable. Thanks Dad!

If you have never met my dad you are truly missing out. He is so smart and such a Godly man.

I love you Daddy and Happy Birthday!!
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