New Living Room

Well for a while now Tim and I have talked about getting new furniture. We have had this same furniture for a while and with a dog and child they were starting to look bad. We have really wanted leather, more for Gracee then TJ. The Microfiber has been great don’t get me wrong but after a while of vacuuming and cleaning the microfiber I wanted to get something a lot easier. We mentioned it to each other and Tim got on the computer and immediately found a couch at a good price that we liked.

The only problem with this couch is it puts us back in the same situation, microfiber. Although its darker and would hide dog hair a lot better. I didn’t necessarily like that part because do I really want the dog hair hidden. NO!

But being smart shoppers we went to numerous stores trying to see if we found anything better. After about 4 stores and 4-5 different websites we went to Rooms To Go Outlet. And we found our couch. Its leather and a sectional which is what we originally wanted. Its brand new. I think the only reason it was in the outlet was because someone returned it. The tags were even still on it. We got it for half off of what we would have paid in the store and had it in our house within 30 minutes. We got the old furniture to Rodney and Virginia’s house last night so I took some pictures for you so you can see!
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