Peanuts Flying

This post is for Chris. Chris is the worship leader and Bill and Debra’s church, Northgate Church in Bentonville Arkansas. I know he won’t read this but I told him that what he did was blog-worthy. We went to eat with Bill and Chris on Tuesday night at Texas Roadhouse. We have done this before when they were at a conference at Gateway Church, well they were there at the beginning of the week so we met up again. Well our waiter was horrible. He never came by, he would never bring what we asked, our drinks were empty the whole time and anytime we would try to get his attention he would keep on walking. We started joking that we were going to start throwing peanuts at him to get his attention. I really want a refill and we needed crackers for TJ. So I told Chris that if he didn’t answer then he needed to throw it. well I guess he thought that once I yelled he was going to throw it at the same time. So as soon as I said excuse me the peanut went flying toward the guy and hit him in the stomach. He immediately stopped and said “yes, how can I help you?” I told him about my drink and about TJ’s crackers. He came back with crackers but with no refill for me. Ugh! I went without, but Bill asked for one when he got back with the crackers and immediately received his. Oh well. That’s about all I wanted to say. This post is only here to tell you about the peanuts flying.

It was pretty funny!
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