Weddings Everywhere

I guess February this year is the time to get married. Okay, that may be an overstatement. I only know of two couples getting married this month this year. For one My uncle is getting hitched. I know I’ve blogged about that before but the big day is this Saturday. This will be slightly hectic for me. Terry put me in charge of decorating the sanctuary…AAHHH. I was nervous about getting it all put together considering I don’t have any decorations. There is a lady at our church that is really good at this kind of stuff. She is going to help me but we are going up to the church on Tuesday night, on Friday night and then possibly again on Saturday morning.

On top of all the wedding stuff this week we are getting Uverse installed on Friday. We have shows still left on our DVR to watch and then have all the shows this week to watch. The bad thing about this is that Tim has band of brothers tonight, I’m decorating the church on Tuesday, Wednesday is family night, Thursday is my bible study at church, then Friday they will be coming at 12 to work on the TV and Internet. Bottom line, no time to get them watched. I guess we’ll just have to go watch TV at the Peery’s house once our schedule calms down..hint hint.

Next weekend our friend Andy is getting married in Arkansas. We are going to be driving up to Little Rock and staying with Rick, Sarah and Piper on Friday night, wedding is Saturday at 2 in Russellville, then after the wedding festivities we will be driving over to Bentonville to spend the night with Bill and Debra. We are planning to go to their church on Sunday then home after lunch.

I will of course post pictures when the weddings are complete. Love is in the air!
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