Terry and Lizzie Sanders

Well they made it to the big day. I am so proud of them. They have both had rough lives before they met each other. I am so glad that they found each other, better late than never. I know that these two love each other so much but put God before the other. Terry has been close to home the last few years and could hang out at the drop of a hat. He and Lizzie have been coming to our church and have come to family nights on Wednesdays. They are living in North Garland (closer to Jonathan and Allyson) now and we are already missing them. I know that they are still close but still too far away. We will definitely be having Terry and Lizzie withdrawals. 

Terry assigned me in charge of decorating the sanctuary. This was a little difficult because this was the first time I was decorating for someone else. I elected Debbie Russell to help me. She has done weddings before and is very creative with creating something from scratch. Here is a picture of the sanctuary:
its hard to tell but the plants in the front on top of the pillars are red roses and the plants on the back pillars are ferns with red roses in them.

The wedding turned out beautiful.  Everyone cried and ceremony and reception went smoothly.

We love you guys and we are so proud of you. Congratulations Terry and Lizzie Sanders!!!
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