Baby Kicks

Yeah...NO this is not my stomach or my baby
I love that this baby is already so different from TJ.

I have been able to feel this baby move since about nine weeks. I had to lay still but I knew what I was feeling for. Now I can feel the movements during normal activities

The movements have gotten bigger but ONLY when I push and tap on my stomach. TJ would move all the time. I could be sitting at my desk and feel him dance, kick, stretch, and punch back at me. Already this baby doesn't kick big like TJ did. It just rolls over anytime I try to provoke him/her or moves to one side of my stomach when I'm pushing on the other side.

I know I still have a lot of time left in this pregnancy and the baby can change its behavior but this is very different from the way TJ acted at this point in the pregnancy.

The thing this baby does the same that TJ did is this baby also reacts to worship music. Only worship music, I can put on country or any other genre and this baby won't move but I put on worship and this baby gets to moving (rolling and twisting).

Every child is different and I love it. Little worried on how I'm going to do this and what tricks I'll have to change but it will be fun.

Cheers to baby kicks, my favorite part of pregnancy!
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