Summer Time Love

This is what I love about summer....water, pools, sprinklers, laughing babies, and anything that comes along with those.

TJ loves outside like I've said in the past, but another thing that hangs up there pretty close is water. He loves the bath tub, water hose, pool, and the excitement of sprinklers.

 This is something new that he does...he always just sits there so he is really getting into "playing"
 the focus
 had to get a cheesy grin shot
 Gracee loves playing in the water too but her body hates her for the next two hours. ugh too much water for Gracee's tummy
 The joy in that face...love it
 this created a constant giggle

We really want to have a pool in the future, but we'll have to wait on that. It is kinda nice not having one right now because I don't have to worry about his safety. Maybe one day we'll have one. So right now watching him enjoy the pool leaves Mommy and Daddy over in the shade covered in sweat. As you can see in these pictures we don't have much shade. There is some in the morning but after 12 noon we only have a strip of shade on one side of the yard. That is where the parental units hang out.
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