What a weekend. We had found out a couple weeks ago about a party our neighborhood would be having this past weekend. We never got anything on it reminding us until Friday night. We were out talking with our neighbors and they were asking if we were going to go. “yep, we’ll be there”  The party was from 10-1 on Saturday.
Right at 10 we are getting ready to head out to the neighborhood party and ended up walking with our neighbor down to the park at the end of our street. (Our neighbors love TJ anytime they see us they say hi to TJ and will play with him in the yard and chase him around.) We spent an hour or so down there, had some lunch, let TJ run wild, and then headed back to nap. TJ only slept an hour, I think because he got a diaper rash and it was hurting him.
We also had our company picnic at Six Flags that afternoon. We have had it there the past 3 or 4 years. The only time that is mandatory for us to be there is from 2-4 in the pavilion that is reserved for our company. We figured we would go right at 2 and then stay a little after the picnic so TJ could ride some of the rides.
We head out again at 1 to leave for Six Flags. The food was yummy and our business manager did door prizes and drawings. Tim won a season pass so we bought me one. They had a special if you bought the pass at the picnic you could get it for $30. So two season passes for $30. We couldn’t pass that up. We went to Looney Toon Land and let TJ ride a bunch of rides. He loved it. He was tall enough to ride more rides this year. And by the end of the summer he should be able to ride more of them since he was only two inches off from the restriction.
We wanted to head up to Humperdink’s to watch the UFC fight but couldn’t take TJ with us. We dropped him off at my parent’s house and put him to bed. The fight started 9 and was over around 11:30. It was a nice date with my hubby. We just ate appetizers and had coffee.
Sunday Tim led worship….It was AMAZING!! After church we decided to just go home for a snack lunch and veg out. We needed the rest. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out, watering the yard and getting ready for the week.  It was a great end to a great weekend.
Here are some pictures:

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