Worst Day of My LIfe

Tuesday of last week was turning out to be a normal day. We both got home watched a show and Tim was going to work on his bike while I did a little cleaning and did the bills.

TJ was out there with Tim and Carlos, this is normal because TJ likes to watch them work on Tim's bike. I went out and checked on TJ and he was playing good and both of the guys were leaned over looking under the gas tank of the bike. So I went back inside.

While I was sitting here doing the bills, my name was called literally 5 minutes later there was an urgent call but I thought it was Timothy. When I answered "yeah" all I got was "come here!" At that point I  knew it wasn't Tim but I thought the urgency was because of TJ.  I thought something had happened to TJ and Tim was dealing with him.

The urgency was Timothy. He was sitting in the chair with a white shirt at his head. Carlos just kept saying standing, fell, and I don't know what happened. He was just saying this over and over again. I thought he was saying that the bike fell on him, because of the last thing I saw was them both under the bike. So I asked how it fell and he said "no, he fell."

I kept looking at his head and in complete shock of what was going on. I looked at his head a few times and all I could see when I pulled the shirt back was the blood bubbling out of the wound. I almost passed out myself.

Carlos told me that he has passed out and I thought the quickest way to get him treated would be to take him to the urgent care right by our house. By this point he has already asked me 3 times what has happened. I unload the Timothys and get inside and they tell me since he passed out we have to go to the ER....I sooooo did not know this. I meet my parents a block from there and my mom gets in the car to go with me to the hospital.

She now knew how serious this was..Tim asked us what had happened about 20 times on the way to the ER.

I get help to unload Tim and he gets seen right away. The bleeding has stopped and this is what it looked like at this point:
Around 7 o'clock
The Doctor came and talked to Tim and was trying to get him to answer questions but he couldn't get any of the answers. He knew things like his birthday and what year but didn't know what month or day it was, who the president was, or that we were pregnant.

He had an EKG done....this came back normal
He had a CAT scan done...this came back normal with no damage done and his brain looked good. They couldn't tell what had caused it so they decided to release him after he got stitched up. They also recommended we go see a neurologist.

Ok. The next few couple of pictures I'm going to post are not the prettiest. I have a week stomach and I can handle them but proceed with caution.

At around 11 they took the bandage off and were going staple his cuts shut. Since the swelling was so massive they had to stitch it shut. He got about 6-7 stitches and was released at around midnight.

He has two cuts. He actually bounced on the concrete and hit it twice
We decided to stay at my parents house so I could go to work on Wednesday and my mom could watch both Timothys.

Timothy woke up really early and I asked him if he knew what happened and he was able to tell me things I had told him hundreds of times the night before. I couldn't go back to sleep I was so excited that he was already remembering things. His memory was on about a 2 minute cycle. I was asked "can you tell me exactly what happened"  and then another series of about ten questions that would spark after I answered those. But they were all the same questions.

He went to our family doctor on Wednesday and was cleared for light duty at work, no machinery and no driving. He was also cleared from the company doctor on the same restrictions. He couldn't be cleared for normal work and driving until he saw the neurologist. The earliest appointment he could get was for this Thursday afternoon. We are praying for favor and a quick return to full work.

He is still experiencing some pain and being tired from the concussion but is progressing nicely with his recovery. Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts during this time. It has been very scary.

I will post and update later and I'll also post a blog about all the funny things Tim was saying and doing during the ER stay. He had my mom and I rolling and many of the nurses and doctors would come by just to see what he was saying. His nurse even said he was her best patient of the the shift.
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