Memory Meal

Don't you just love those memory meals?

The meals that take your breathe away the second they come out of the oven, the meals that with one bite it takes you back to Grandma's house, with the thought of the meal your mouth waters, while preparing the meal you think of childhood memories of sitting around the table talking about our lives at 6,7, or 8 years of age?

I had that meal tonight. I get all sentimental and lethargic. I want to hold my family and cherish these moments and memories. I make a huge batch so I can enjoy this meals for days.

Its a meal that if one or two of the ingredients is missing I still love the meal.

You must be wondering...what on earth is this meal? It must be amazing!!

Its actually quite simple, it is a couple of boxes of a Kraft noodle, chicken, peas, mushrooms and topped with crunched up potato chips. We call it chicken-chip casserole. Normally I make it without the mushrooms because my husband is not a fan. Tonight I had to make it without the peas and the mushrooms. STILL amazing!

Very sad part about this whole thing is we can't find the noodles anymore. There was a store right done the street from my parents house that had them but they started to have limited supply so when my parents saw they had a bunch they would buy every box they had....now the store is closed. We are still working to find a replacement or see if we can buy it somewhere else. This is how much this meal means to us. Its love.
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