Update on the Noggin

No, this isn't Tim's head, but its cool looking
You know those Doctor appointments you go to and you just know it didn’t go well?
4 weeks ago when we went to the neurologist, he assumed the worst. He thought everything was fine with Tim until right at the end then Tim said one little thing and that changed his mind. He immediately jump to conclusions and was talking about treatment. He ordered an EEG and MRI. We left upset because he didn’t really listen and jumped to terrible conclusions.
The last few weeks Tim had gone to get the MRI done and the EEG and was just waiting until this week to see the Doctor again.
He went in and everything was fine with the test. They were CLEAN! We were praying for clean and clear results. Tim didn’t need to have anything hanging over his head (no pun intended). The doctor just said, so I guess we won’t know what happened. PRAISE JESUS!
When Tim leaves he proceeds to tell me everything the doctor was saying. He was repeating back to Tim what he remembered of the accident and he was getting it all wrong. He was getting major things wrong. Like what his friend saw him do, uh the guy that was with him didn’t see anything. It was rough. There was more but I won’t get into that.
This is over. It is such a relief to have no answers. We have no answer to why this might have happened except. He passed out. There is NOTHING wrong with his head!
Praise Jesus and thank you everyone for your prayers for Timothy and out family!

Here is his head today. All better with a couple of scars.

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