Nater Tater

I meant to post this weeks ago...sorry.

This weekend (memorial day weekend) I got to meet my nephew. I just couldn't wait and I hated that it took me so long to meet him. He is already 4 months old and already has his little character. I was telling Dre that he is going to be a talker. He jabbers and yammers all the time. TJ never did that and it took him a while to get to talking. I don't think Nate will have any problem with that.

We had so much fun playing with him and loving on him. We wish my brother was here to enjoy this time with us. He is currently in Afghanistan and won't be back until next year. We will get to see him in November while he is on his two week leave. 

Already miss Dre and Nate and can't wait to see them in a few months.

Love you guys!!
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