Tim is Funny

All seriousness aside. Tim is a very funny guy, but give him a concussion, a little pain meds and no short term memory and he is HILARIOUS!

The whole time he had me and my mom rolling.

At first he just went with the flow and kept asking me what was wrong then once we got to the hospital he got a little quiet and nervous about answering the questions wrong. In triage he asked what was going on every few mins and kept asking about Carlos (the guy who was helping Tim with his bike) and I decided to say that Carlos' English was getting pretty broken when he called me out there. Tim just laughed so hard at that so I told my mom I would use that again. I was able to say that statement another 4-5 times with Tim laughing so hard. Then he started to ask if his English was getting broken when he called me out there. Ok so that statement was done. On to the next...

Any random time we were with a nurse or assistant he would ask me if I told them his medical history. In a room with a cleaning person and he would ask, when he's going into the bathroom and he would ask me, when someone was bandaging his head and he would ask me.

When his nurse first came in the room and was asking Tim a series of questions:
what's your birthday? October 3rd 1984
what day is it? .....
what month is it? ....
who is the president?.... he would laugh and just say I don't want to answer. The nurse got really loud and yelled "WHO IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?" .....Bush?
What year is it? 2010

She asked him what he was allergic to and when he told her and he ended with ...and needles. All she said was too bad you already got one of those. She went along right with him. Anytime he mouthed off to her she would do it right back. Anytime he would ask random things I would tell him he told the nurse that and he would laugh and say man I'm funny even when I don't mean to be.

After about 3 hours at the hospital I started asking him questions about our life. I asked him if we had done any traveling and he said with a question aren't we going to go to Israel or did we already go? I said we went do you remember who we went with....He said Tom and Kay, He couldn't remember any other names except the tour guide. Very strange

I then asked him if anything else exciting was going on in our life he just looked at me with a blank stare. So I told him we were pregnant. He said "oh wow, congrats, wait...are we excited about this?" so I told him we were and told him how far along we are then he asked if I could tell him exactly what happened with his head. I would tell him and then ask if he remembered what I just told him and he just smiled and said no. So I would tell him again about us being pregnant. Then he yelled at me and said this is how your telling me and when I said no we have been pregnant for 14 week then he would yell again and say....and your just now telling me?!?!? Oh goodness we went through this about 10 times.

I think he started to realize he was asking the same question over and over again because I would get busy updating people and I would ignore his questions. So he started the questions with... "Can I ask a dumb question?....can you tell me exactly what happened?" If I needed to get on the phone or talk to a nurse or doctor I actually had to tell him to be quiet and no questions for a little bit. He would then whisper the questions to my mom. HAHA.

At one point he asked me have I been in and out? uh NO! I wish.

If I was worried I would tell him just to pray in tongues...he would look at me all worried and say, "am I going to be ok?"

He wouldn't let me cry at all anytime I would get quiet he would yell at me to stop that and asked me if I'm going to be ok? ha at one point he asked if he needed to drive.

The doctor came by to check on him and I said he is still in a lot of pain could he get more medicine or will it be a prescription? So he asked Tim if he wanted him to get him some more pain meds and Tim just got loud and said yeah that would be nice. I just apologized to the doctor as he walked away. He never came back again. HAHA

We got to my parents house and my dad was up and waiting for an update to send out. So Tim asked him about 10 times if he knew what happened. My dad was smart he just said "I don't know" then he was quiet for a bit then would ask my dad again what happened.

He was trying to catch up on his facebook and twitters and he probably read it all 3 or 4 times. He would read some of them aloud would ask questions about what people were writing about him:
Do I have short term memory loss?
Did I get stapples?
Did I fall?
Am I disoriented?
Did I get stapples?
Do I have short term memory loss?


I finally had him in bed but he kept reading facebook and thought he hadn't checked it yet because he couldn't remember anything anybody had said he was reading it like it was fresh new information every time.

This is only a glimpse of everything he was saying and doing.
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