Trip to the Movies

Off to the movies we went today. TJ has never been and a movie came out last weekend that we knew he would love.

A few months ago TJ saw Toy Story for the first time. It took him a a few times of watching it to love it. (we noticed this was his trend with movies) He slowly began to gain his favorite character....Buz Lightyear! Also known by TJ as Bebe. He got the first Toy Story for his birthday and we saw the preview for Toy Story 3 that would be coming out. I knew he would love it but we knew the love for the characters would need to grow a bit more.

I was looking through my mom's movies that she has at her house and they have a bunch of Disney movies of VHS that they can't watch because they don't have a VCR any more. I still have mine from when I was still at home. One of the movies I brought home was Toy Story 2. He loved it. He was so excited to see the characters doing other things and going on a new adventure.

OK, now I knew he would love it.

We wanted to wait until this weekend so we wouldn't have to worry about a massive crowd since we couldn't go during the week where it would be less crowded.

As soon as TJ woke up we talked about seeing Bebe today and going to the movies. He would just yell Bebe back to us. We were going to eat at the theater but decided to just grab him something to eat before we got there so he wouldn't be hungry and tired at the theater. (12 is nap time and that's when the movie started)

We just ordered popcorn and sprite and headed to our seats. He was already having a blast. The dark theater with the previews was very exciting. He ate like half the bag of popcorn and was loving the sprite. The movie started....
Sorry its dark...no flashes during the movie.

He stayed in his seat for over half of the movie but when it got to some scary parts he had to move to our laps. Some of those daycare toys are mean and scary. He did very well and even wanted to stay for the credits.

Leaving he said "bye Bebe!"

Great movie experience and excited to take him to another one.

Leaving the theater
Two minutes in the car. He was out!
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