All Boy

My son is nothing but boy.

He spends 80 percent of his time awake doing the following:
  • Outside
  • Cars
  • Climbing
  • Jumping
  • Running
  • Sliding
  • Falling
  • swimming
  • Throwing objects into the pond
  • Eating
  • Playing catch
  • Swinging
  • Climbing up the slide and sliding down on his stomach

The rest of the time is spent eating, watching movies, and re-hydrating.

He is definitely a dare devil and I'm praying protection over him daily. He likes to see if his body can do certain things and it constantly keeps me on my toes.

But when you put all of this aside. His heart is so tender for people. He makes people light up when they see him. He builds relationships with people in a matter of seconds. His heart of worship has been evident since he was an infant. He immediately engages in worship, he sings, claps, and raises his hands. It melts my heart to see this, but I know this is what he is called to do. He is called to be a leader, worshiper and warrior.

He has to be all boy to be a warrior. He has to be brave, he has to be able to go where no one else will go, but he has to dwell in the presence of God.

He will call me into his room 3-4 times every night so we can pray again. He won't let me cover him up or anything until we pray.

He definitely has a heart of worship and prayer. That's my boy!

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