Big Step

I've been thinking about this for a long time. Actually I have been for years but seriously thinking for about 6 months.

I started back to school this week.

This took a lot and was a really big step for me... I guess I should start towards the beginning.

In 2005 I received an associates degree in science. Then I got married and got a job to survive. I've been working since then and had babies and just lived life. I have been encouraged by my employer, family and friends to go back and finish to get my bachelors in business.

I really wanted to go back but really didn't want to take the time to do it and spend the money to go to all the classes. I wasn't sure how many classes would transfer and just thought I would be starting basically over again.

Well a few months ago (mid spring) I decided to do some research. Why not get this done and taken care of while my kids are young. I found a few schools that I was interested in and applied. Heck, why not right? If I don't get in then that's just God closing the door.

Nope, I got in. Fine, I'll keep praying that if the doors stay open then I'll keep moving through them.

Ok, so now I need to apply for financial aid. Got some loans.

Ok, the door is still open.

Sent my transcript. 63 of my credit hours were transferred over...Um? Seriously? I'm a Junior? You have got to be kidding me? So all I have left is a few basics and then core classes? Door still WIDE open.

Well now it comes down to the final make it or break it decision.

My company offers Education Assistance. Once I got in and got registered for classes I found out what all I need to do. Filled out paperwork, talked to my manager, talk to my manager's manager, talked to HR talked to my manager again, talked to the head of HR, talked everyone over again, defended my case, wrote letters, and then waited.

After waiting for a couple of weeks all while the deadline to get out without any cost to me was approaching quickly. My manager comes over and says "Come to Dave's office" (Dave is her boss and over our facility). I completely forgot that we were waiting on an answer and was worried about what he could possibly need with both of us.

I walked into his office and saw his face and all I could do was smile. You could see the relief on his face. My manager was smiling. They fought like crazy for this to get approved for me. Didn't find out till towards the end that they don't just approve this for anyone. It's nice to know they appreciate me and will vouch for me.

My company pays 90% of tuition, books, and applicable fees!!!!!

Praise the Lord! The doors stayed wide open and I am now in school. I am taking two classes this semester. I decided to just get my feet wet a little and get used to it before I jump in completely. I've just about finished my first week and doing good.

Keep me in your prayers. And thank you to those who have already been encouraging me and praying for me. I'm sure I'll be updating a on this as I go..... Woo Hoo!!!

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