First T-Ball Practice

Well, we have our first T-ball practice under our belt.

He did pretty good. It was very hectic and busy shortly after we got there so it took a bit to keep him focus to throw and pay attention. After he went off to practice with the assistant coach while the head coach talked to us he was doing great.

He has his next practice on Thursday night. The practice is at 7 so most likely Anna and I will have to stay home.

I was the only mom that was constantly taking pictures, mastering taking care of a baby, and coaching my son from the sidelines. [smile]

 Coach said he had a great throw
 he's ready
 I yelled his name to take his picture and he yelled his name back at me
 first huddle with his team
talking with daddy about what to do
 Coach Daddy
 Great HIT

And we have a VERY supportive sister!
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