PreSchool Day One

Well my TJ is now in Preschool. Today was his first day. I took the day off so I could take him on his first day and pick him up.

On the way to drop off Anna, TJ and I prayed the whole way there. We prayed that he would have a good day, that he would have a good year, and he would learn so much that he would be ahead of the game. 

My mom came with us so she could take pictures and manage Anna while I got TJ settled. I was worried that he would get clingy and not want me to leave. It was the opposite. Once we got in the classroom I had to grab him so we could take a picture. When I left I said "bye TJ!" he responded with "bye Mommy" then he turned back around to play.

I did great. I didn't cry or anything. I know it's because TJ didn't cry or make a fuss. That would have made it horrible. But I was still sad...

Then I had to patiently wait until it was time to pick him up. When I got there this is what I saw...

So sweet.

One tired but happy kiddo. He got a sticker on his calendar for today to say he did great.

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