Tee Ball

Since last spring...well really since we found out at 20 weeks pregnant that we were going to have a boy, we have been planning to put TJ in sports. Well we didn't think he was ready during the spring and still a little young.

So I started to research options mid spring. We were debating between Soccer and Tee Ball. Both were starting the same week, so there was no way we could do both. Cost was the same. After watching his bestest friend Lexi played Tee Ball this past spring we knew he had to play Tee Ball.

Easy enough. Decision was made now we just needed to find somewhere that was good league and close to home. Tim's supervisor at work suggested a league and turns out its just what we were looking for.

We registered him to play and his first practice is this coming Monday. His first game is on August 29th. He is beyond excited!

He has done fairly well with waiting patiently for the season to begin. We knew he would be playing and we knew what gear he would need but didn't want to wait until the weekend before the season starts to find everything he needs.

We started purchasing items he would need. One of those items being a glove. He had been throwing with his left hand. He hits left handed also so we got him a left hand glove. Yeah this past weekend we were out with family and every time he threw something he threw it with his right arm. So we went and got him another glove. Now he has two gloves. He is well prepared....for anything.

More posts on this subject will definitely be in the future.
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