Comparison in a Good Way


Can you tell at all that we are related?


You are blind then...

Josh is the oldest. I'm the middle child. Amy is the youngest.

Amy and Josh have the same smile and their eye shapes are the same.

Amy and I have the same eyes.

Josh and I have the same noses.

Amy and I have the same chins.

Josh and I have the same ears....ugh. Poor Anna has them too.

Here are my Mom and Dad

Josh has my mom's eye color.

Amy and I have my dad's eye color.

I have my dad's eye brows.

Josh and I have my mom's ears.

Amy and Dad have the same nose.

Josh and Amy's eye shape is like my mom's
Mine is like my dad's

Amy's super gorgeous curly hair is from my dad.

We are all tall. We are family. We fight. We love each other. I don't say it enough but they are my loves, my family. I miss them when I don't see them. I get tired of them when I see them too much. But love every minute of it. We have memories and laugh and joke at each other. We can have heart to heart conversations. We snap each other out of our negative moods.

My parents have been married for 37 years. Thank you for being such great examples to us!

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