My Local Fire Fighter

On the 4th of July we were over at Uncle Terry and Lizzie's house swimming and grilling when a fire broke out in a trash can at Terry's neighbors house.

Terry is a Dallas Fire Fighter so him and Tim ran over there grabbed buckets of water and the water hose. They pretty much had the fire out when the fire fighters got there.

Now this morning around 8:30 TJ had just come to our bedroom and was laying in our bed playing with his cars. Tim and I were still dosing in and out of sleep. Gracee our doggy started going crazy barking. We always just go check and see what she is barking at.

When I got to the living room she was at the back door. Which is odd but most of the time when she is barking at the backyard it means there is some time of animal or something that is making her bark. I try to look out the window but because of the rain (Praise the Lord) the windows were fogged up. I open the back door and I hear popping. I look some more and I can see huge flames coming up over the fence. There was a huge fire behind our neighbors shed. It was hitting the tree and power lines.

I run back inside yelling "Oh my gosh, there is a fire in Pat's yard! I'm calling 911. Go over there and see if he is outside"

I'm in the backyard talking to the dispatcher and answering all of her questions. All the while Tim ran over there to Pat's house. He isn't home so his daughter woke up and brought their dog to the front.

There gate looked like it was locked so Tim jumped their fence while I went to ask her to unlock it.

Our dogs went to our garage to stay out of the way.

Tim grabbed their hose and started putting the fire out.

Pat's daughter went to go get Pat from the car shop (he was getting his daughter's car fixed.) By this time the fire fighters pulled up. His daughter couldn't leave because the fire truck was blocking their driveway so she took my car to get Pat.

The firemen got to the backyard and that's when I saw that Tim had the fire pretty much out. So they just put a bunch of foam on it to flood it out.

We found out after they finished they had called out more stations and Oncor to come help. They thought the power would go out and that the fire would get big quick. But because Tim had started working on it there wasn't need for the extra help. He called and canceled the other calls.

We were just talking afterward and we were telling the fireman that we always lose power because of the tree limbs. So he called Oncor and requested tree service. So hopefully we'll get them out there. I've called, emailed and emailed again with no luck.

All this before 9 am on a Saturday morning.
TJ and Daddy putting out the fire
They gave TJ stickers and he made Daddy wear one.

Watching them finish up
 Anna even slept through it all.
Then the firefighters made breakfast!
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