Learning Train

TJ got this train puzzle for Christmas. I knew he wasn't ready for it being that he had just started talking. At the time he couldn't even say his name.

He could repeat all the letters when we would say them but to pick out the letters and put a puzzle together wasn't going to work.

We've been working with him on pronouncing his words and working on his letters. So I knew he would be ready for this without getting frustrated.

He has put this together a few times and is really loving it. In one sitting we can't do it more than once. If he can't find the letter or picture that is next we have him sort the pictures by color.  

For example if the "F" is on a red cart of the train then we tell him to find all the red carts. Once he pulls out all the red then we have him look for the "F". Finds the letter he is looking for every time.

He is starting school on the 23rd and is really excited about it. It's going to be a busy schedule starting in a week or so.

Fun Times!

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