Closet Cleanout

One thing I love about Timothy is he wears TONS of colors
This past weekend Tim cleaned out his side of closet. More than half of his clothes are GONE!
Now I just need to go through my half of the…. really my two-thirds of the closet. He had his clothes jammed in there as tight as can be and I have mine spread out all over the place.  He is such a wonderful husband, in reality he has more clothes and shoes than I do.
He has a better reason for getting rid of more than half of his clothes. He lost 50+ pounds. WAY TO GO HONEY! Mine are just out of style or falling apart.
I did get all the maternity clothes out of there shortly after I had Anna. They are all nicely packed up and in a tub right outside my closet. I should move that, but it serves nicely as a place to set clothing items needed for the next morning.
I need to get this done. I have a total of 4 shirts hanging on the closet door knob that are “must-go’s”!
It is so overwhelming.
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