Guest Room Dilemma

We have a guest room. This room has a closet but no place to hang clothes because its full of shelves. We have already decided that once Anna bed moves to a full size bed like TJ's bed that there is no need to keep the current guest bedroom as a guest bedroom.

We've talked about putting a futon in there and putting the office desk back in there and making the room a TV/office room.

Since Timothy has been working out all the time and is currently working out in the garage. Yeah even when its 100+ degrees out there for over a month. He even works out at the hottest part of the day. He rocks doesn't he?

Anyways. Tim keeps saying things like the following:
He wishes he had a workout room. 
He wishes he could work out in private, not with the garage door open where everyone can see him. Man I wish I could work out in the air conditioner.

I've told him to just wait it out another month or so and it will be comfortable in there.

The dilemma is....Do we keep the room as is until Anna moves to a big bed or go ahead and make it the tv/office room that we can put his work out stuff in?

We shall see. Yes, we shall see!

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