Weekend of Family

My brother Josh and his wife Dre with their son Nate came into town last Friday. They came to travel with us to Fredericksburg to celebrate my Grandfathers 90th Birthday.

There were there with us on Friday night for church then we all headed out Saturday morning for our trek to the Hill Country.

Saturday we had a family dinner and then a scheduled time for photos out at Glorieta after dinner.

Glorieta is the land and house that my grandparents owned and built a log cabin on. My Uncle and Aunt own the property now but it was a great backdrop for photos.

Here are some of the pictures the Photographer took:
My Grandparents
TJ and his Cousin Morgan

The whole Schlueter Famiy
While she was taking individual shots of the different family groupings and couples. I went inside and grabbed my camera and took some shots to keep myself occupied. wink.

And here is some from dinner:

yeah....I know, there are a lot of pictures. Sorry I can't help it. I love taking pictures
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