It's Been Too Long

This weekend we are headed off to Shreveport again. The last time we were there TJ was 3 months old. It has been way too long since we have seen them and TJ has changed so much just in the last week. They will be amazed on how he is after 3 months. It’s just going to be a short trip but will be having fun none the less. We are driving over there on Friday after work and going straight to Papaw’s house. He is making some BBQ and ribs… yummy! We’ll be at Papaw’s till mid morning then we are heading over to Mamaw and Papaw Leckie’s house. We’ll see Bill’s sister and her family there and we’ll stay till a little after lunch. Tim’s parents along with Rick, Sarah and Piper are driving down from Arkansas on Friday afternoon and we’ll all go our separate way on Saturday. I’ll be posting a blog later with pictures and if you’re lucky some videos.

Have a fabulous day…well rest of the day!

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