And We're Bowling

We hadn't gotten to hang out with our friends Nick and Kelly in a while...well outside of work. So we planned to go out to lunch at Kincaid's and then to bowl. We had a lot of fun. We had TJ with us and they had their oldest Austin with them. Linda (Nick's mom) and Lincoln their youngest went to lunch but then headed home so he could take a nap while we went bowling. Nick had beginners luck and did awesome the first game, Austin got really frustrated during the second game. Poor kid he isn't old enough to bowl the "correct" way so he had to just kinda bend over and toss it down there and its all luck of the roll. And us not having a kid old enough to bowl didn't ask for a lane that had bumpers. We know for next time. The rest of us did average and laughed a lot. And of course I took my camera and got some pictures.

Kelly, TJ, Austin, Tim
Nick and Austin
And this I just had to post. An attempt to take a picture of them. They both looked away right when I snapped the camera
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