TJ on the Road

Yesterday my dad had a trip planned to Little Rock, AR and the guy who was going to be going with him cancelled. Normally my dad would just see if my mom wanted to go but since she has been watching TJ he didn’t know if she could go. Well after talking it over with each other they gave me a call. They wanted to see if they could take TJ with them. They were going to need to leave at around noon and then would be back the next day at around 2 (just in time for TJ’s doctor appointment)
They came up here and let me play and say bye to TJ while they were eating. They headed out and got there at a pretty good time. Sarah and Rick went and picked TJ up at the hotel where my parents meeting was. I suggested that Rick and Sarah take him while they are in the meeting. It would give my parents a little break and then would also give the Hedlund’s a chance to see and play with TJ. I’m sure they got some great pictures. I just need them to send them to me…Hint Hint.
They said he did wonderful and that everyone wanted to keep him. I’m not sure how he slept last night but later today I should be getting a call from my mom.
I was really weird last night. Anytime he has been away from us we have had something to do. Well last night was just like any other Monday. Tim went off to bowl and I was at home doing things around the house. The weirdest part of him being gone was waking up this morning and not necessarily being quiet while he was sleep. Not that I’m the noisiest person in the morning it was just weird.
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