Insurance and Doctor Offices....AAAHHH

So today was TJ’s post op appointment. If I hadn’t said this before then I’ll say it now. I hate this office. They never have appointments and when you go you sit there for well over an hour waiting to see the doctor. The time is split in half from waiting in the waiting room and then waiting in the exam rooms. With an infant to a 7 month old, this is not fun AT ALL. So I get there and normally they ask me to pay when I check in. Nope didn’t ask me. I silently get excited because I don’t really have the extra money to pay for this appointment. I sit and wait for a LONG time and finally get back to the room and wait again for a LONG time to see the doctor. About the time TJ is READY to go he comes in and talks to us for a total of 3 minutes. He checks TJ and tells me he is good to go back to normal activities. Being that he is 7 months old the only thing he really couldn’t do was play in his jumparoo. He stands there and types on his little computer and then says hope to see you again just not here shakes my hand and then out we go.
We now are waiting to get the parking ticket validated and sign out. This lady in front of me is trying to schedule something and since they have no appointments it takes forever. She scheduled something for January. Could she not have waited and called back in? There were a bunch of people waiting on her. Its finally my turn and I am asked to pay my 30 dollars. Dang it I thought I was going to have to pay. So I pull out my card. This was hard to do because I have TJ in my arms and the diaper bag on the shoulder that I’m holding TJ with. Pull it out and while I’m handing the card to the lady she says “oh no sorry you don’t owe anything” okay I put the card back away. She says “well that’s weird here it says you do pay. Hang on” I stand there while TJ is reaching for EVERYTHING on the counter. She comes back and says “okay he had it as a post op and it’s not so you will need to pay the $30.” Um it was a post op so I shouldn’t have to pay. She then tells me “your appointment was past the 10 day period so your insurance won’t pay.” Dang you people you scheduled the appointment. You just called me and told me when it was. So I then get the card out again to pay.
I am so glad that I should not have to go back there. It just figures that they would do this to me. I’m just venting and who knows if they even knew about the 10 day period and I could have stood there arguing it until they let me leave without paying but there were people behind me and they had the cutest little twins that were 6 weeks old. I’ve been there standing waiting with a baby that young and it’s not fun with just one so I can’t imagine two.
I’m done now.  Have a blessed day.
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