TJ's First Football Game

We took TJ out to see the Friday Night Lights. The game was at Arlington High School against the Mansfield Tigers. Tim has a person he works with that has a son who plays for Mansfield. So we headed out there all bundled up. TJ really seemed to enjoy it. Considering his bed time was 30 minutes after the game even started I was a little concerned with how he would do. He Just sat on our lap and looked at everything that was going on and smiling at all the people around us. We got up at half time and walked around a bit just so he wouldn’t get restless. He is a 2 percenter and we left half way through the 4th quarter. I don’t even know if Mansfield won.  They were winning when we left so who knows.

Here are the pictures from the night:

TJ and Mommy
TJ and Daddy
My Favorite
The Leckie's all bundled up
He's done. lets go home
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