Like Papa Like Grandson

In case you didn’t know my dad is the prayer coordinator over the TXAPN aka Texas Apostolic Prayer Network. TXAPN  is aligned with United States Apostolic Alliance with Dutch Sheets. He has travelled all over Texas . Last year him and my mom drove the perimeter of Texas and met up with intercessors from all over Texas. And last month he had someone in each county of Texas simultaneously staking the county for God. Well it has been prophesied over TJ many times already that he will be a prophet, preacher and warrior for God. Well we are getting him started earlier.

Here is my Dad praying over Texas. He keeps this in his office so he can pray over Texas and be able to see the state laid out counties and all.
And here is TJ checking out Texas. Yes he is playing with his toys but God is getting him ready. Pray TJ Pray!!
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