Catching Up

I was slightly annoyed with my blogs being on two different sites. SOOO this week I have been working on getting all my MySpace blogs put onto themindofkaite.com. Some of my readers have the posts automatically emailed to them and I thought I had the email updates turned off and after about 7-9 posts I hear Tim yell from the other room” Katie, What are you doing why am I getting all these old blogs!!!” Oops. After turning that off I proceeded to post the rest of the blogs. It was about 45 of them and some of the pictures on them are messed up. I am trying to get that fixed. Some of the ones I just put on I put back in draft mode so I can fix the pictures. Lots of the blogs are from while I was pregnant and I have been gathering my belly shots from the days I posted the blogs. It will make them a little more fun so you can see how big I was when I wrote them.
Needless to say all my blogs will soon be on http://www.themindofkatie.com/ and people won’t have to have a MySpace to see them.
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