Me and the Boy

Last night my parents invited us over to their house for pizza. It was going to be a little chili when we were going to be coming home so I put on a hoodie and went ahead and got TJ in a zip up hoodie and this is how adorable we looked that I made Tim take a picture

Oh and on Saturday Tim asked me to cut his hair and every time I cut his hair he almost always asks how much a difference it would make if I just took off the guard. We cut his hair on a one. So I said well let’s see. I started in the back and went up to almost the top of his head and I said “on I don’t like it lets not do this” well it was too late for that. Tim has a very short hair cut. I told him I wanted to take a picture but he would not let me. Sorry. I’ll just have to get him in a picture here in a couple of days.
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