Visit With Bill a.k.a. G-Paw

Tonight Tim’s Dad came into town with the worship pastor Chris from their church. I think there was a meeting or conference over at Gateway. We met them up at Texas Roadhouse and  ate some yummy steak. We actually all got the Fort Worth Ribeye.  After we got done eating we headed back to our house and just hung out. TJ got a lot of G-Paw time and we even got on the computer and Skyped Debra.
After TJ had his bottle we set him on the floor with his Pooh Bear and moved all around.  He gets so excited with that silly bear. It was just cracking us up. They are heading back this afternoon. It was a quick trip but fun. Oh and right when we got there I had told Bill he needed to take the high chair back with him and we agreed he could do that, but after talking and playing with TJ we forgot all about it and we sent him off without it… Oops
Here are some pictures from the night:
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