TJ's First Boo Boo

Tonight TJ was over by the window reaching for a toy and pulled himself up and whatever he was leaning on gave out and he fell and hit the window seal.  Poor little guy. I know it was really hurting him. Normally when he falls over, he cries but it was more out of being scared. Tonight he wouldn’t calm down so I know it was really hurting him. WE just held him and gave him lots of kisses and he finally calmed down. It broke the skin and will probably have a dark bruise in a day or so. Right now it’s a bump and a little red. I just gave him some Tylenol so he wouldn’t get a headache.
So his first real boo boo was on November 19th 2008.

Here are some more pictures:

See how he has a little bump.
Poor Baby
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