Our Day at the Fair

Well we had a blast today at the fair. Right of the bat we took pictures with Big Tex. I don't know why but I get so bummed when we go and don't get a picture with him. Here is the one of all of us with him. This couple kept looking at TJ and were talking about how cute he was so I just asked if they could take our picture. oh my goodness I think it took the guy 5 minutes to take the picture. It turned out good though. 

We were determined to try the weird stuff this year. We of course got Fletcher's Corn Dogs (and yes Debra I took a bite for you, I could eat the whole thing for you because I wanted to have some for me), the weird stuff we tried was fried cookie dough, chicken fried bacon, and fried cheesecake. I got pictures of the 1st two but I forgot but the time we were eating the cheesecake. They were all great, the one I liked the least was the cookie dough. 

This year we decided to go to the dog show. We really liked it. Those dogs are so talented and it wasn't too long, just long enough to get a break from walking. 

We went through all the exhibits and shopping areas. We bought a bunch of stuff and got some Christmas presents taken care of.

Fried Cookie Dough
Chicken Fried Bacon
Have a closer look

Here are some pictures from the rest of the day:
TJ and Daddy with Big Tex
TJ and Mommy with Big Tex
TJ with his new toy for the day
at the dog show
he seemed to enjoy the show he just sat there looking around

Tim and I (see my new sunglasses)

Happy Boy

All ready to go home. walking towards our exit

here is the band Kildares they were right by where we got our fried cheesecake and we watched them while we ate it.  here is the video it's short but sweet.
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