We Did it!!

Well its official TJ has been weaned. I decided a couple of weeks ago that while I was on vacation that I would get him weaned. I started out this last weekend by giving him a bottle at night instead of me feeding him. On monday after we both adjusted to that I started giving him about 4 ounces of milk in a bottle and then the rest with me. I slowly added in more to the bottle and then less with me. It worked out great!! I got accustomed to not feeding him and he got used to eating out of a bottle every time. Plus side of doing it this way is I never got uncomfortable. Woo Hoo for me!!
Only thing I found somewhat annoying is before he would take a bottle cold during the day and only wanted a bottle warm at night for his last bottle. I went out to lunch yesterday and was trying to get him to take his bottle and he wouldn't because it was cold. I had to get the waitress to bring a bowl of hot water so I could get the bottle room temp. 
Another great thing about this whole thing is I don't have to pump anymore at work. That is such a relief, but since I had been I have about 4-5 months of milk stocked up in the freezer. I also have 9 containers of formula that were given to me. If I work it out right he will get breast milk with every bottle until he is 1. I'll just have to mix a little bit of formula with every bottle.
I was very pleased with myself that I was able to breast feed him and for this long. Coming into 7 months of breast feeding. I was concerned that once I went back to work that I wouldn't be able to continue. I just drank lots of water. If I seemed to be having a problem than I would look at pictures of him or would call my mom and let her talk to me about his day.
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