Praying at Work?

I know I can’t believe it either. This morning there were a few of us that met in the conference room. I’ve been praying for this place and my friends in this place since I’ve been here. Actually I have been praying for this company since Tim started work here. It was more praying for Tim and that he would be a good witness to the people he works with but still. The couple that I have mainly been praying for have turned around and are now Christians. (I’ve mentioned them before) It’s nice to know that there are other people who care about my work place as much as I do. Probably because it’s their work place also. We only spent about 10 minutes in prayer but we declared blessings over this place and that God would come in and dwell with us.

I take it as such a blessing that I work with people that consider prayer most important. And that I am able to meet with them here in the office to pray. The people here are also so aware of spiritual activity. Meaning that we can sense when there are attacks going on and when to start praying.

I’m sorry I’m just so excited that I had some people to gather with and I wasn’t alone praying at my desk.

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