Tim’s mom is in town for a seminar thing for her work. She is staying up at DFW in the hotel. Tim went and got her yesterday after work and then they went by and got TJ from my parents house.
When I got home we got ready to go and then headed up to portrait innovations to get TJ’s 6 month pictures done. We had a couple of outfits and he was perfect. Towards the end we could not even coax a smile out of him. He was tired and getting hungry so he just stared at the guy with his mouth open. It was cute but a waste because we didn’t want any of those pictures because his eyes were starting to get red from him rubbing them. We ended up getting 4 different poses.
While we were sitting there waiting on our prints I plopped TJ on the floor and started feeding him his dinner. Once the prints came out we headed over to Gloria’s to celebrate Tim’s Birthday. Debra and I both got chicken enchiladas with pork tenderloin and Tim got the chicken enchilada with steak. It was really yummy and now I know for next time that we can just share a meal.
Since TJ got a cat nap on Tim chest after dinner he was up for some playing. When we got back to our house Debra got to read him a couple of books and play with him a bit before Tim took her back.
We had a really good time and got some CUTE pictures of TJ. I’ll see if my dad can scan some of them so I can post them. He is getting so big and it gets harder to just pick a couple of pictures.
Thanks Debra for everything and coming to see us!!!
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