Get Over It!

Well getting over it. HEHE. Ya’ll thought I was going to write a venting blog. Not so much just one to tell you how the Leckie household is getting over being sick.
Friday night after dinner we were just watching TV and hanging out when I started to feel kind of nauseous. I took something to hopefully feel better. I went to bed not feeling to hot but was too tired to stay awake and deal with it so I fell asleep. Well I woke up at 6 puking and did so all day. It was lovely. We were suppose to go to our friend Mike’s birthday dinner at Joe T’s. I love it there but we never go unless it is with Mike and Heather. I told Tim he could go by himself with TJ but that sentence right there made him not want to go. Going out in public with just him and TJ doesn’t not sound fun to him. He just isn’t used to it and didn’t want to go all the way out to fort worth to do it again. Plus I really wanted him there. I’m kind of needy when I’m sick. I get bored and want someone to talk to and get me things so I don’t have to move. It drives Tim crazy but he does a pretty good job taking care of me. I didn’t sleep well at all that night probably because I slept off and on all day.
Sunday I was all achy and now with a cold. Last week while I was with TJ he started to get snotty and I thought it was just because of teething and was treating him as such. Well turns out that little guy had a cold and kindly passed it on to me. Nice of him huh? Well so after recovering from blowing chunks all day on Saturday I now had this dang cold.  Sunday I slept through 90 percent of the Cowboys game. It was wonderful and I woke up feeling great. Again I was in the same situation I was in the night before laying there not being able to go to sleep that night.  

Monday was the day of blowing my nose every 15 minutes which just led to the people here sighing every time I picked up a tissue. I was never once asked how my vacation was or anything….Okay there was the extent of my venting.  Monday night I drank lots of hot teas and I slept wonderful even had a hard time getting up and could have been late to work.
Tuesday I finally get up and discover while I’m trying to wake Gracee up to take her outside that I have NO voice. Secretly I rejoice that means I don’t have to talk to anyone at work but then sigh because that means no one will be able to hear me so I know my throat will hurt even more when I get off. After more hot tea and a good night sleep. I start the next day
Wednesday my voice did a lot better and I was back to answering my phone calls. Feeling a lot better but still going through lots of tissues.
Thursday the use of tissues has dwindled down to barely any and my voice is about 90 percent back.  I’m praying by tomorrow that I’ll be doing 100 percent better.
Enough about me I know ya’ll are dying to know if Tim and TJ are doing okay. Since originally TJ was the one who gave me the cold. TJ is recovering nicely. His sleep and eating hasn’t changed and he just has had a runny nose. The last couple of days he has started coughing but I know that is because of the drainage so we have been constantly been sucking the stuff out. (gross huh?) Tim, Praise the Lord hasn’t had any signs of this. He’s been taking his vitamins everyday so we are praying he gets away clear and free from this.
And to finish it off her is a picture of TJ last night. Doesn’t he look the cutest in his silly outfit?
And then finally my friend Heather sent this to me this morning. There little girl Alexis had a fall party at daycare today and she went as a ballerina. The fun part is the tootoo is Heather's when she was little. wanted to share it because I just love Lexi.
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